Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Legal hash? Yes, it's true!

How many times have you dreamed of legal hash? Smoking with friends, whenever and wherever you want without any fear of the police...

It is now possible thanks to the latest generation of legal hash - HopsHash! You can order it quite easily without worrying about customs and police. Delivery to anywhere in the world as it is completely legal! HopsHash is made by coating various herbs with strong psychoactive extracts and natural Cannabinoids (Not THC, JWH or anything illegal)!

Have you ever imagined how you smoke in front of a cop, but he simply has nothing to say because everything is legal. If you are tired of hiding and want to collapse one wherever you want (club, bar and many other places) our hash is legal for you!

The price of 5g is $49; for a $199 you can order as much as 30 grams (1 oz)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

5 best marijuana types

This is a listing of the most favored marijuana strains.

5 best marijuana types

It contains a list of the best strains of weed on Earth. These strains are usually very potent and very difficult to find. Smoking these strains will surely make you feel the power and supreme quality over the regular marijuana.

5. Lemon Haze - This is a very strong strain of weed. But it's nice flavor of lemons and good smell makes it one of the greatest marijuana strains.

4. Purple Haze - It's been around for years. Purple Haze is the classic, potent marijuana which was popularized by Jimi Hendrix and other singers, mainly in the rap scene.

3. Trainwreck - The name says it all. Using this weed strain will usually make you feel like a victim of a train accident. Undoubtedly, this is one of the highest quality strains in the world.

2. Sour Diesel - This is a known canabis strain from the north. It fills you with energy and clears your mind.

1. OG Kush - Contact your dealer now! This weed strain is highly recommended and can be found at almost any reputable dealer. You will most likely feel yourself lost in the clouds for hours after you try this one.

This list is for some of the best. Also, these strains of weeds are easily grown in a home environment with the right tools and care.

If you want something strong and legally - you need The Legal Hash (HopsHash)